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ability for them to browse and bid in your auctions from their computer!
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Our Services & Tech... Our Pricing... (a liveauctiongroup brand) has done a superb job at increasing our bidder base, which has brought us excellent results from our online auctions. We are very pleased with and will continue to use them exclusively for all our upcoming live auctions. - Peter Sidlow, Victorian Casino Antique Auction
The Canadian Numismatic Company has been using (a liveauctiongroup brand) services for years. We have been completely satisfied with the work and services offered by and their staff. Professional and Technical Services offered by are of top quality. We appreciate the effort put into maintaining a healthy business relationship and that every question on procedures and/or technical support are answered right away with no delays, personnel are ready to help 24/7. I highly recommend to everybody who wants to do online Live Auctions. - Erick Paquet, The Canadian Numismatic Company
Our relationship with (a liveauctiongroup brand) has been a very positive one from the very beginning, which was years ago. We have ... always found them to be professional, knowledgeable, helpful and cooperative with our rather complex needs. Their system and tools are user-friendly and their price structure fair in the marketplace today. - Charla Nelson, Manitou Galleries
Bringing an auction business to the internet is an obvious and inevitable decision. The auction business, not unlike others, can greatly benefit by giving their customers better access to their products. The ability to browse and bid online gets people interested and excited in upcoming auctions and simply provides better service to customers - plus it exposes the auctions to a ton of new bidders around the world. Customers expect businesses to be online, and we're here to bring technology for auctioneers to do just that. - Thorsten Bonn, CEO

Online Catalogue

List your auctions & items online,
provide item details, show unlimited pictures... give your bidders the ability to view your auctions at their convenience, from their home or office!


Bidder Management &
Processing Features

Manage your bidders successfully,
from a customizable approval system and comprehensive invoicing to floor bidder management and credit card processing. Managing your bidders is important to your business!


Feature Rich &
Easy To Use

Our system is full of features,
to help you manage your online auctions. We have created our software to be very flexible... supporting all types of auctions, including absentee only (timed) auctions, silent auctions, live-only auctions, absentee + live auctions, auctions with grouped items, auctions with times-the-money items, and more!


Absentee & Live
Bidding Online

Enable your bidders with the ability to bid
directly from their computer. With our technology bidders can place absentee bids before the auction, as well as participate with our live bidding software during the auction, allowing bidders online to bid just as if they were on the floor!


Auto Email Marketing,
Syndication & Exposure

We offer automatic auction exposure
using custom email alerts to bidders, auction listing syndication on other sites, specialized auction marketplaces, and optional advertisement spots.


Full Training &
Support Services

We support you all the way.
We provide you with training on how to use our system and get your auctions up and running, to ongoing technical support for you and your online bidders. No worries, we’ll be there for you if you need us.


Live Real-Time
Audio/Video Streaming

Give your bidders the full experience,
with real-time live audio/video streaming! This feature can be used to stream audio or audio+video to your live bidders online. We use top notch streaming service providers to give you industry leading performance, allowing bidders to feel like they are actually at your auctions!


Custom Branded
Website & Integration

Get a custom branded website with
our technology built right in. No hassles for you, we manage everything in the “cloud”. Whenever we make updates or add features your site gets them automatically without you worrying.


10+ Years of Solid
History & Experience

We’ve been around for a while.
We have been providing online auction services and technology for over 10 years! We know how auctions work and we know how to make great technology.

Some Key Benefits:

Increased bids and turnout due to the convenience and accessibility of having auctions online. Many people find it difficult to make it to auctions due to a wide number of personal and business responsibilities.
Online access to auctions allow bidders the freedom of easily browsing and bidding in your auctions from virtually anywhere!

Plus the easier and faster a potential bidder can access and view an auction item the more likely that bidder will be to place a bid.
Online bidding takes down the barriers to accessing your auctions. Potential bidders don't have to wait to place bids, they can do so at any time and from almost anywhere.

And when bidders are outbid they are notified and prompted to increase their absentee amount on the spot, reducing disappointed bidders and increasing hammer prices.

Increased hammer prices due to more bidders accessing your auctions and bidding online. It's simple, the more bidders you have the more bids you'll receive. Those bids will push prices up, you'll sell more items and at higher prices.

Not only will people in your auction area have easier access and less barriers to accessing your auctions, but a whole world of bidders will now have the ability to access your auctions from wherever they might be!

Live Online Bidding brings your live auctions to computer screens everywhere & anywhere. People who can't make it to the auction itself can still participate just as if they were there in person.
Bidders can sign-on from their computers at their home or office (or airport, vacation, anywhere...) and compete live against bidders on the auction floor. Bidders no longer have any excuse not to bid in your auctions!

Now the busiest person can still take a moment to sign-on and bid without disturbing their schedule.
Even loyal bidders go out of town, with live online bidding they can be in a different country and still make it to your live auction via their laptop! There is no need for bidders to be deprived of the interactive live auction experience.

Plus with the optional addition of live real-time audio/video streaming, bidders feel like they are actually at the auction event.

Custom branded websites bring our innovative technology under your name. We offer custom websites, with our online auction technology built right in.
These days people expect businesses to have their products available online, this goes for auctions too.
With our technology your customers will get the best online experience directly on your website.

Constantly improving technology, without worry. Our team is constantly improving our technology and adding features.
Because everything is hosted in the internet "cloud" you never have to install anything, you don't have to worry about getting updates or applying new features. Everything is handled for you and included automatically.

Extensive bidder database accumulated over 10+ years of live auctions. Not only will your auctions be more accessible to bidders in your area and around the world, but we have a large bidder database that is utilized to inform bidders about your auctions.
With weekly newsletters and auction alerts sent to your past bidders to promote repeat business and customer loyalty.

Plus our bidder network makes it simple for bidders new to your auctions to start bidding by reducing tedious account sign-up and activation procedures while still maintaining a secure approval process controlled and customized by you - bringing you top quality bidders and bids.

Personalized support, whenever you need it. Our support team will be there for you when you need us, for every auction.
An on-site technical team can also be made available to help you run your live auction online. Plus technical support for your bidders is always included for all online auctions.

Our technology and service speak for themselves, and our excellent pricing is so affordable that there is virtually no risk in trying us out. Get Started Today...