We've been in business for over a decade!
We know the industry and we know the technology. We're always working to bring you more!

liveauctiongroup.com is run by a small independent company focused on bringing the auction industry
key specialized technology. Our business is to grow your business by bringing it online and equipping
it with the tools and services it needs.

Over the years our team, technology, and experience has lived under different brands (most particularly with
our premiere icollector.com brand). More recently we have been growing to serve multiple auction markets and
have been bringing new and improved software to our offerings. We have chosen to use liveauctiongroup.com
as our technology brand, bringing our products, services, and growing marketplace sites under the one
identifiable name: liveauctiongroup.com

Our expertise and technology is bringing auctions to the next level, and into offices and homes everywhere.

Interested in joining the liveauctiongroup? Why not give us a call and learn more, contact us today...