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Marketing & Design

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  • Strategic Email Campaigns
    Send custom-tailored content to prospective bidders within your category
  • Banner Ads
    Target new bidders and specific categories with front-page and conventional banner ads
  • App and Mobile Banners
    Reach bidders on mobile web browsers and apps with conversion-oriented ads
  • Featured Listings
    Increase exposure on the front page with featured listings for your auction
  • Weekly Newsletter
    Engage your audience with relevant, shareable, and click-worthy updates
  • News and Articles
    Pique bidder interest with value-adding articles that showcase your position as an information authority

White Label Auction Platforms that Feature Your Brand

  • Embed our advanced Live Auction Group technology onto your existing website or a new website
  • Reap the benefits of an in-house bidding platform as opposed to losing prospects to third-party sources
  • Protect your bidders from competing auction listings; we never share your bidder’s contact information
  • Tap into over 1 million verified bidders available exclusively within our Live Auction Group database
  • Get started in minutes with a one-time setup fee and absolutely 0 recurring expenses
Custom branded bidding Platform

Custom Built Websites

Custom built websites

At Live Auction Group, we provide:

  • Cutting-edge website designs and graphics
  • Easy-to-navigate user interfaces
  • Intuitively organized information
  • Mobile and app support
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Robust marketing tools
  • And more