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Data (Account) Deletion Instructions

When you sign-up with our system your name/display-name and email (and password if NOT using Facebook/Google) are stored in our system to allow you to sign-in. No other details are pulled from Facebook/Google. When/if you participate in an auction you may be asked for additional information at that time. Information needed to bid can vary depending on the auction and is always input explicitly by you if/when you choose to do so.

To have your information deleted please contact our support team (Toll-Free: 1-866-313-0123 or Phone: 604-941-2221) and request that your account is deleted. You will need to provide your username, email, and other details to confirm ownership of the account.

If you have bid & won items in past auctions then some of your details may need to (in-part) be retained for transactional requirements (purchases/payments/etc). Note these transactional records are only created in result of explicit actions by you (entering bidder details for bidding-approval, bidding-on and winning items, and providing details for payments).

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