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Live Auctions
Live Auctions
Silent Auctions
Silent Auctions
Timed Auctions
Timed Auctions
Catalog Listings
Catalog Listings
Branded Platform For Auction Houses
Branded Platforms
Mobile Apps For Auction Houses
Mobile Apps
Payment Processing
Payment Processing
Auction Management System
Auction Managment
Auction Management

Auction Management

  • Manage your auctions anytime, anywhere with our cloud-based access
  • Add new descriptions, images, and more to your listings with our high-speed uploader
  • Build a fully-customizable registration and screening form for new bidders
  • View bidder data and history
  • Categorize bidders using approve, deny, and VIP folders
  • Work simultaneously with your team members using multiple logins

Live Bidding Software

  • Group bidding and bidder’s choice
  • Automatic pricing and customizable asking prices
  • Recovery of under bids
  • Automatic or customizable bid increments
  • Bidder interest notifications
  • All-inclusive lists of participating bidders
  • Accessible bidder information
  • Automatic or manual bid acceptance
  • Group or individual messaging to bidders
  • Max bid thresholds
Live Bidding Software

Additional tools include:

Auctioneer Display App

Display App

Display real-time bids and listings during auctions

Auctioneer Messaging App

Messaging App

Communicate with bidders for comments or inquiries

Auctioneer Podium App

Podium App

Conduct and oversee auctions with ease

Bidder Features

Bidder Features

  • Secure login
  • Manageable auctions, bids, and payments
  • Adjustable maximum bids
  • Alerts for new items and listings
  • Bidder interest notifications
  • Bookmark listings
  • Item reminder notifications
  • Email and text connectivity
  • Mobile app compatibility

Post Auction Automation

  • Instantly send invoices with a single click
  • Automate taxes and fees
  • Calculate shipping costs
  • Integrate a PayPal button
  • Modify bids and selling prices
  • Access under bidders on any listing
Post Auction Automation
Centralized Auction Payment System

Centralized Auction Payment System

The Benefits:

  • 100% PCI-compliant
  • Liability coverage up to $100K
  • Secure storage for credit card information
  • Low preferred rates
  • Complimentary online reporting
  • Next-day payments
  • Credit card holder validation (via address information)
  • 0 risk of fraud or stolen card usage
  • On-demand cardholder transactions


  • Our dedicated support team is available 24/7 via call or email to answer any questions that you or your bidders may have
  • We offer 360° training to help you and your team get the most out of our online solutions
  • Our Fraud Prevention team meticulously monitors all bidding activity to eliminate the risk of fraud while ensuring on-time payments
  • As an added service, we offer on-site support with a live representative to facilitate and broadcast your auction
Technical Support
Secure Online Bidding Platform


  • Secure HTTPS connections between browsers and servers
  • Automated backups to multiple servers
  • High-performance content delivery networks
  • 24/7 system monitoring