Whatever your online auction vision is we can almost certainly help you achieve it, and more!
Take advantage of our industry leading technology and personalized auction services to bring your live auctions online!
Make it easier for bidders to browse and bid in your auctions. Give bidders the freedom to participate in your live auctions from wherever they are.
Online and floor bidders compete directly against each other, increasing bids and your customer's satisfaction!

Standard Services:

We don't slice and dice... we provide our customers with all our standard tools and services in all our packages.
Top notch software and service without any fuss.
  • Auction administration system. (Auction management, bidder management, item & image management,
    bid management, invoicing, and more.)
  • Live auction capabilities, and access to the live auction admin application.
  • Free & automatic updates. We're always working on further improvements and feature additions,
    an you get them free and automatically.
  • Secure, reliable and always improving. Our system is fully maintained and hosted in the "cloud",
    meaning you don't have to worry.
  • Dedicated account managers.
  • 24/7 support services for your auctions.
  • Technical support for your bidders.
  • Free training sessions to help you get started quickly.
  • Drop-in code snippets make it easy for you to link to your auctions.
  • Advanced bidder approval process, driving qualified bidders and quality bids to your auctions.
  • Cross marketplace listings. Post your auctions on your own website plus our marketplace(s).
  • Auction reports & statistics.

Standard Features:

  • Auction creation tools. Fully manage your auction with ease.
  • Item management tools - Add/edit/delete, one at a time or in mass with our import tools.
  • Image uploading tools - Upload from your computer in mass or ftp to our servers, no image limits.
  • Bidder management tools - Whitelists/blacklists, automatic/manual approval to bid.
  • Tools to enter phone/fax/floor bids & bidders so you can manage all bids & bidders in one place.
  • Invoicing system - Automatic taxing, shipping, and fees based on customizable rules.
  • Easy reconciliation process with automated email notifications.
  • Automated credit card payment processing.
  • Absentee biding (timed auctions), live bidding, or absentee & live bidding together.
  • "Silent" absentee bidding mode also available. (Competing bids aren't shown to users).
  • Monitor bids & add bids received from phone/etc.
  • Unlimited administration user accounts.
  • Reporting to measure your auctions performance.
  • Group/ungroup lots on the fly when offering grouped (choice) items.
  • Unsell lots when there are errors and discrepancies and offer them up for bidding again.
  • Automatic/custom asking prices.
  • Recover under bids.
  • Automatic/custom bid increments.
  • Bidder interest notification (know when bidders are hovering over the bid button).
  • View complete list of participating bidders.
  • View a bidders information on the fly.
  • Automatic or manual internet bid acceptance.
  • Advanced bidder messaging capabilities.
  • Automatic absentee (max bid) handling. With the option of manually accepting/denying.
  • Multiple high quality images per item.
  • Grouped item (choice) bidding.
  • "Times the money" bidding.
  • Currency conversion system for bidders. Run your auctions in whatever currency you want.
  • Upcoming & past auction and item search.
  • Auctioneer contact/question forms for bidders. Allows bidders the ability to ask you questions about your auctions.

Marketing & Information Services:

We provide automatic marketing to our extensive bidder database as well as auction syndication to the internet's auction community at large.
  • Automatic auction listings on appropriate marketplace sites, and optional listings on your own website(s).
  • Weekly newsletter, keeping bidders up to date on upcoming auctions.
  • Targeted emails promoting your specific auctions to interested bidders, promoting repeat business and customer loyalty.
  • Auction listing distribution to online marketing channels.
  • Targeted marketplace audiences.
  • Auction syndication, RSS feeds.
  • Search engine marketing.
  • Auction reminders for bidders.
  • Out-bid notifications for bidders.
  • Bidder personalized 'MyAgent' emails.
  • Facebook, Twitter, & other social network postings.
  • News/Press Releases.
  • Search engine optimized.
  • Bidders can contact you directly from your auction & item pages.
  • Advanced auction & item searches for bidders.

Additional Support Services:

  • Catalogue & image uploading services.
  • On-site live auction bidding administration & clerking services.
  • On-site cataloguing, photographing, & uploading services.

Additional Services & Features Available:

  • Banner advertising for additional exposure to your auctions.
  • High quality real-time audio/video streaming services. (Included in standard packages.)
  • Integrate our technology into your website, building on your own brand. (Hosting & updates included, we handle everything.)
  • Custom website design and integration.

Security & Reliability

  • Secure & redundant infrastructure.
  • Secure SSL encryption.
  • Regular system updates.
  • Constant system monitoring.
  • Over a decade of reliable history in the industry.

Pricing that fits your business needs:

Our very affordable rates and flexible pricing allow us to tailor make a package for your business needs.
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